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Why Use a Buyer's Broker?

     Traditional real estate agents are sales people.  They contract with sellers to sell their homes for the best price possible on the best possible terms for the seller.  An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent works to  get the lowest possible price and terms for the buyer. 

     Exclusive buyer’s agents don’t take listings, they have no inventory.  They have no built-in incentive to show you their own listings so that they get compensation from both the buyer  and the seller.  Exclusive buyer’s agents work as brokers, a service.  An intermediary, a negotiator who works for only buyers.

     Often, people walk past a real estate office and see a photo of a home posted in the window that interests them. They enter the office to inquire about the details. The person they speak with represents the seller. The agent is legally contracted with the seller, a fiduciary responsibility to them. In other words, you are speaking directly to the seller. Many buyers are not aware of this. In the course of conversation, they may inadvertently disclose information that would compromise their bargaining position, such as price point, motivation, etc.

     In the spirit of consumer protection, many states have passed disclosure laws that require real estate agents to disclose who they are working for at first contact with the  buyer.  Even so, many buyers slip information that weaken their leverage:  “We would like to be settled when school starts”  or “we only have eight weeks before we close on our present home.”  They have no counsel to speak for them, to caution them.

     Exclusive Buyer’s Agents  remove any conflict of interest.  Traditional real estate companies may offer you something called “dual agency,” where they represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction.  Beware.  A parallel would be the same attorney representing both the plaintiff and the defendant in a law suit.  Even the  National Association of Realtors has cautioned buyers against the use of dual agency.

     Dual Agency:  Legal? Yes.      Smart? Of course not.    

     Buyer’s Agents have the buyer’s interests in mind.  They act as personal advocates.  Statistics have shown that those who have used buyer’s brokers pay 91% of the offering price, whereas those using traditional brokers pay 96%.

     Buyer's Brokers can offer you full representation FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST. The listing agent and the seller negotiate the commission rate of the real estate agents involved, and the commissions are subtracted from the seller upon settlement. There is no additional cost for full buyer representation...

     Why wouldn’t you use an Exclusive Buyer's Agent, one who will offer you full fiduciary representation, diligence, disclosure, loyalty, accountability?  FOR NO  ADDITIONAL COST.

     Why not get it right the first time??

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