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“We have bought and sold homes many times,
and Cassie Willis is by far the best agent we have ever encountered.”

beautiful blossoms in the Sandhills     “Her encyclopedic knowledge of the market, what was available now, how long it had been on the market, the prior sales history of each home, was astounding and immensely comforting in leaving us with the feeling we had seen all the right things and not just a listing agent’s inventory. Even more importantly, because she had so effectively connected with us on what we were looking for, we wasted very little time looking at houses that just didn’t work for us. We spent the next two days looking at properties in Southeast Virginia, where we saw a few other agents, and none of them even came close to providing us with the experience we had with Cassie. So, we ended up committing to the home we now own at National. We couldn’t be more pleased with the home or with the process."

     "Cassie is an extraordinary agent and person, with great taste, extensive market knowledge and a thorough understanding of the Sandhill communities, not just the golf communities but Pinehurst Village, horse country and other areas. She listens to what you want and works tirelessly and effectively to find the place you want, not to just sell you what she has.”


     “When my husband and I were looking for a home in Moore County, we were so fortunate to work with Cassie Willis, who is a very professional, ethical, and proficient real estate broker and buyer's agent.  Cassie is extremely conscientious.  She works endless hours with her clients until they have found exactly what they are looking for. “

     “Without her astute knowledge of the real estate market and familiarity with the surrounding community, we would not have been able to achieve our goal of finding the perfect retirement home.  She was also of great assistance in making the settlement process one of the smoothest we have ever experienced.  We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in Moore County.“

     “Thank you so much for finding our dream home here in North Carolina.  You have given us something very special.  I’m so happy we met you!”  
     “I can’t imagine a better person to do what you do best -- making the dreams reality for people.  You are a one of a kind person and incredibly special to us”


     “Thanks for all of your help.  I just may have to get my North Carolina license and work for you! You do things thoroughly. I am so comfortable with you and will make sure I tell anyone who needs a good agent.  THANK YOU.”

910 . 528 . 6447

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